Monday, March 20, 2017

Graphing - A Word Wall

Graphing is a task that I love teaching. 
Developing a graph from data that students have collected is fun! Noisy but fun!


These Word Wall cards are great for displaying in your classroom. 
They have a heading, a description and an illustration. 
The size makes them great for display and still easy to see and read. 

I add the cards as we learn about the vocabulary about graphing. 

Included in this pack is a 'word splash' to do as an individual or it can be added to as a whole grade. 
The KWHL is great for capturing what students know before they start, what they want to know, how they think they will find it out and then after the unit of work they can record any new knowledge they have gained. 
This is great for sharing with parents at conferences. 

This pack is a great pack to help start you off on simple graphing. 

Happy graphing!

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