Friday, January 24, 2014

Learning Intentions

Hey there! This little blog brings alot of enjoyment to/for me. 
I write about what I do, because I love it. I started a facebook link to it a short time ago and am amazed as it hit 413 'likers' today.

This is a huge responsibility and I amazed that other people, like you, also like it enough to keep coming back - so a huge thank you.

So a little celebration is called for......

If you pop on over to my facebook page and click on the 'fan freebie' tab - you will see the 'Chinese New Year' freebie still there as well as a new one on Learning Intentions.

If you haven't - you do need to 'like' the page to access the file. Click on the fan freebie tab across the top. Scroll down until you see this picture

This is available for a short time and then will be posted in my store in April 2014
click here - Learning Intention Tags

Why display the Learning Intention - you can refer back to it at any point in the lesson, the students can see it at anytime. It makes us all accountable. 
An example of a clear Learning Intention is ...

We will write a recount
We are using two step problems

Keep them simple and in 'kid speak'

Success Criteria is a break down of skills that you might achieve.
 I will full stops
I will use capitals correctly
I will have a plan
I will re read

This is where differentiation fits, they are recorded and referred to throughout the lesson. 

I have included Maths and Math tags for you to use. 
There are also tags for Reading, Writing, Word Work and Inquiry Learning.

There is a set of definitions as well as instructions on how to use them. 

Color copy and laminate.
I put magnetic strips on the back and use them on my
Whiteboard. You could use blu tack.
I then use markers to record with the students at the start of the lesson. 

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  1. Thanks so much. This is perfect for setting up the new school year!


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