Monday, December 30, 2013

Off the grid!

As you read this - my husband, daughter and I will be in a plane heading for Fiji for ten days.
So...that means relaxing for ten whole days.
So.. that means no blogging for ten whole days.

My husband is also in education, writes a blog and sells on TPT - so the two of us with no computer and no work for ten whole days will be a whole lot of different.

Thanks for coming back to regularly read about my classroom and seeing what I am up to. I had no idea how blogging would enhance my life and add to how I work with children and staff. I owe a huge amount of thanks to all of you for this. 

Have an amazing New Year everyone and see you back here after the 10th January for an exciting 2014!

Cheers Paula xx

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cooking with Class

This is our school Cook Book. Our Parent Rep group have been collecting, collating, organizing and publishing. 
The end result is fantastic.
Each grade has a photo, all our staff is in there, there is also a record of what has gone on this year - it is like a year book - but with recipes!
It even has our school song on the back.

Oh and the recipes are so yummy.

I have only just worked out that the 2+0+4+3 is actually our school number. In our state the number 2043, means we were the number 2043th school built in our state.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

CVC words

I don't know about you - but some of my kids have needed to work on CVC words. 
They can never get enough revision and this enables them to get that and more. 

CVC words are the basis of all phonic work with words. Once students are able to record these words they then move onto blends and their story writing skills show confidence and greater accuracy.

This contains 52 pages

Each task has a cover page with instructions.

Jigsaw Task (7 pages) – color copy and laminate. Cut along the lines and then students place them back together.

Interactive Notebook (5 pages) – there are two tasks for each medial sound. Cut out and glue in your book, add the picture or text.

Roll and Read (10 pages) – two sets. One is print and go and the other can be color copied and laminated as a learning center.

Record words for the pictures (10 pages) – two formats.

Word finds (5 pages) – find the CVC words.

Answer Key for pictures (5 pages)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter or Summer?

Depending on where you are in the world - you are either in winter or summer.
My Math Winter - 10 Tasks has been in my store for a while and now, to match it, I have posted my Summer Math - 10 tasks. 

These two packs mirror one another just like our seasons do on each side of our world.
They reinforce the same same skills, but follow the relevant seasonal theme. 


       Winter Maths – 10 tasks, 140 pages

Ten Frames - Use as flash cards to trust the count and Subitise Use to make and record number stories 9=5+4, 5=3+2

How many snowballs are needed? - Sequence the snow buckets in order. Then put the number of buckets with the correct collection

Which sack has more presents? Set one –0-20, Set Two –0-100. Place the snowman in the correct place

Missing Bird -  Place the missing bird in the correct spot

Skip Counting mittens- Color copy and laminate cards A-Z. Display the A-Z cards around the room. Use the recording sheet to write your answer

Roll and cover - Use a 6 sided dice - roll and cover. There are three additional sets that ask you to +1, +2 and double the number rolled

Sequence the children - Each set of children has a different background. Sequence them– watch out they are sneaky children!

How many trees have snow on them? Work out how many trees have snow. Display around the room, read the equations and use the trees like a number line. Record your answer on the answer sheet

Doubles- Roll a dice (6 -10 – 12 sided). If you roll a 3 – you need three sets of cards. Then you need to work out that 3 x 2 = 6 pieces of clothing

Time to ski - One set is o’clock, one set is half past. Spread them out and match the correct labels


Summer Math - 10 Math tasks (K-2)
146 pages

Ten Frames -  Use as flash cards to trust the count and Subitise. Use to make and record number stories 8 = 4+4. 8 = 6+2

Buckets of Sand needed - Sequence the sand castles in order of numerals. Then put the number of buckets with the correct collection

Friends of 10- Match up the cards to make stories of ten. Use the recording sheet to show friends of ten facts and number stories

Who has rescued more swimmers? Set one –0-20, Set Two –0-100. Place the chair in the correct place and pointing the correct way

Missing drink- Place the missing drink in the correct spot

Skip Counting suns-  Display the A-Z cards around the room. Use the recording sheet to write your answer

Roll and cover - Use a 6 sided dice - roll and cover. There are three additional sets that ask you to +1, +2 and double the number rolled

Sequence the children -  Each set of children has a different background to keep the sets together

How many hot dogs in the picnic basket? Work out how many hot dogs in the basket? Color copy and laminate, then display around the room. Read the equations and use the hot dogs like a number line. Record your answer on the answer sheet

Time for the beach and a BBQ - One set is o’clock. One set is half past Spread them out and match the correct labels.

Happy holidays wherever you are!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Gotta love a scheduled post!
The magic of writing a post and then clicking a date to have it published is amazing.
As I am holidays and on the 30th I am off to Fiji for 10 days - there will not be much blogging going on. 
No internet, no classroom photos and just relaxing......

Have a great Christmas Day and a safe holiday everyone.
Thanks so much for your support again this year and enjoy your family, friends, food and fun!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Writing tasks

This was lots of fun to make. 
It was a unit I wanted to complete so that my USA/Canadian and English followers could check it out.

There are 18 tasks – 30 pages

There are writing pages at the back of this resource that you can use after the planning pages
Encourage differentiation by setting goals in writing and revisiting them each session

Word Wall – color copy and display
A-Z Key for winter words
A snowman and a snowflake is/can/has
Winter – list nouns and adjectives
Opinion piece –planning page for inside or outside in winter?
Roll and write
List winter clothes and draw them
What can we do in winter?
Winter food
Venn Diagram – Winter and summer foods
Winter Y chart – winter feels/sounds/looks like
Procedure – build a snowman
Beginning, middle and end planning page
Planning page – who, where, when, what, why
In winter I see, I think, I wonder 
Winter Narrative planning page
Winter Narrative writing page
Additional writing lines

Enjoy and happy hoidays

Monday, December 23, 2013

13 for 13

This great linky is a great way of reflecting on the year we are about to say goodbye to.
Check out The Teeny, Tiny Teacher blog - Kristen, HadarTraci are hosting the 3rd annual Linky Party!   

This would have to be my boots - do they count as clothing?
I can wear them all day, now when I say boots, I have about 10 pairs. 
I refuse to count past 10 - so I say I have 10!

I loved Despicable Me 2 - it was funny, cute and I didn't have to think about it too deeply.
Sometimes it is nice to just chill and enjoy something simple.

Law and Order - SVU 

Our town has so many restaurants, but I adore sitting here near the water and enjoying a glass of Sav Blanc or two with friends.

Team Teaching with four grades. This was an amazing adventure and there were highs and lows - but it was incredible. Our kids learnt so much and so did we.
Photo: Loving my new breakfast stools.
Loving my new kitchen bench stools.
This made me smile. Apparently all parents yell at their kids for doing stupid things.  Photo by recadosdri via flickr.

Even polar bears yell at their kids for doing silly things.....
Has to be when I shared how I plan for Daily 5

Has to be planning our summer break holiday and getting my husband overseas. 
We are off to Fiji on the 30th.

Here are my two kids with their cousins. It is hard to get a photo of all of them together. 
My parents couldn't believe that they were all together and on one spot. 
I love them all to bits.

I have two...
My 18 year old asking that I take time off to be around while he was completing his Year 12 year
being in Bali with my daughter having serious girl time.

To get that balance for family and work. This is tough for me and most teachers.


The world needs it!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Storybook Saturday - 21st Dec

Welcome to Storybook Saturday. Each Saturday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.
In January, this will become Storybook Sunday.

There are not many rules but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
Add the above graphic with a direct link back to Paula's Place
Link up by adding your post link to the link up below

You may choose one book or a few books.
Here are my books for this week.

I love Mrs Wishy Washy and boy oh boy! There are many versions and kids love them so much.
My fav is the original book, which is the first one.
It is a simple book and comes in a big book and smaller ones.
The text is predictive and simple.
The farm animals get muddy and the get washed and they just can't resist getting muddy again.

I have a Literature Unit that focuses on K-2 and has  15 tasks (40 pages). It is also USA CCSS and Australian Curriculum aligned. 
Tasks include:
Matching animal to name (noun)
Missing words
Is, can, has
Nouns and adjectives for the three animals
Matrix of mother and babies
Venn Diagrams
A-Z Key
Beginning, middle and end task
I see, I think, I wonder
Complications and Resolutions
Craftivity – make Mrs Wishy Washy
Collect Data and formulate questions

Who, what, where, when, how 

Now your turn to link up

Five for Friday - 20th Dec


Here are my five randoms for this week

I love wrapping presents. This week was our last week before summer break (I am on Aussie time) and Christmas. We had our end of year Kris Kringle and said goodbye to our grade. We will have a new grade next year.

My kids have been enjoying these units of work (not Winter as it is Summer here!)
If you wanted to check them out - click here

Our portfolios went home with the reports this week. I love the portfolios as they track our students over a year and contain assessment as well as photos. Our parents love them. Next year we will move to digital portfolios - watch this space!

Our Christmas fair was on Monday and our grade sold 140 of these lovely tree decorations. 

In nine more sleeps - this is where we will be.
We picked up our Fiji tickets yesterday and I am so looking forward to doing absolutely nothing.

Happy Holidays everyone and 'bula' 
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